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Pre-wedding Questionnaire

Thank you for choosing Elevate Multimedia to capture your big day on video! No two weddings are the same and we want to make sure your wedding video is just as unique as you are! Please answer a few questions to help us plan how we’ll produce your video and ensure it’s something you’ll treasure for years to come!

Best shots – Videographer will move around the room and stand in or near the aisle during the ceremony and on or near the dance floor and head table/podium during the reception. This could impede the views of some guests, but it will ensure we are able to get the best footage possible.

Discreet shots - Videographer will film from the outside aisles and at the back of the centre aisle during the ceremony, and at the sides/back of the reception venue to get shots as discreetly as possible. This could affect the quality of the footage, but will not impede the views of any guests.

Capturing great, high-quality audio is very important when it comes to making your video the best it can be. We typically attach a black, wireless microphone to the Groom’s lapel (or the officiant’s robe) during the ceremony. During the reception, we will plug in to the DJ’s sound system or attach a wireless microphone to the podium.

As stated in the Wedding Videography Agreement, we require a separate table and chair at the reception venue, with direct access to an electrical outlet. (We travel with a lot of gear!)

We prefer to eat at the same time wedding guests are eating, so that we don't miss anything (unless speeches are happening during dinner, then we'll eat at another time). If a meal is not provided, we will take a meal break (60 minutes) at the same time wedding guests are eating. 

Thanks for taking the time to fill out this questionnaire. The information will help us make your wedding video the best it can be!

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